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Started in 1978

Barry's family had a farm in Hagerman, Idaho where he lived and worked in a partnership with his dad and brothers. In 1980, he went to college and graduated from a Beef Management program. It was shortly thereafter that Barry started to add Red Angus cattle to the family partnership, eventually completely replacing the small family dairy operation with commercial Red Angus.

The Split of 1996

A few years after marrying his wife, Barry and Dodi left the partnership and took most of the red cows with them. They have worked very hard together over the years to build a herd of good cattle and a strong family.

Fresh Beef in 2018

Barry & Dodi always harvested their own beef to eat over the many years of raising cattle. In 2018, they started marketing their beef to more friends and family, and even complete strangers with the help of the internet and word of mouth referrals.

On a Mission Today

Today, Barry and Dodi work side by side with all six of their children involved in some aspect of daily life at Dalton Cattle. They work to offer great cattle and excellent tasting beef.