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What We Offer

Fresh Beef Made Easy

We raise our beef in the Magic Valley in Southern Idaho. We are happy to offer our customers a chance to buy their own fresh, local beef. When you order from Dalton Cattle, we walk you through the order process, handle the harvesting with a local butcher, then deliver your meat directly to your home. We hope you enjoy the opportunity to support local producers and enjoy the great taste of fresh beef.

STEP 1: Order Fresh Beef

Choose a quantity: 1/4, 1/2, or whole. Select a type: grass fed or grain finished.

STEP 2: Complete the custom cut & wrap form

Our form is easy! Have questions? Watch the tutorial video or give us a call. We will walk you through it.

STEP 3: Wait for delivery from Dalton Cattle

We deliver your fresh beef order directly to your home.

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We sell our fresh beef by a 1/4, 1/2, or a whole animal. When we say refer to the 'weight', we mean the actual weight of the packaged meat, just like you would purchase in the grocery store. A 1/4 beef typically yields between 100-150 lbs. A 1/2 beef typically yields between 200-300 lbs. And a whole beef typically yields between 400-600 lbs.

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When you fill out the Cut & Wrap form, choose from grain fed or grass finished animals. Grass fed are animals that have been on a grass and forage based diet their entire lives. Grain finished animals have been finished on a diet that includes grain. Grass fed animals tend to be leaner, while grain finished animals contain more marbling.

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Cut & Wrap Form

Cutting and wrapping refers to the point in the harvesting process where your fresh beef is cut and packaged into quantities and amounts that you select. Examples include, the number of steaks per package, the number of lbs in a roast, and your preference between a few cuts. please don't hesitate to call with questions!